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The door been open and Thor made the first step into the throne room. You followed him and you became more nervous with every second. You turned around as the door was shut. You glanced at Thor, who went some steps forward and knelt down. He looked over his shoulder and nodded. That should meant, that you should do the same. You gulped and took a deep breath and followed Thor. You stood beside him ere you knelt down. You raised your head and your eyes followed along the golden stairs until to the throne. And there he was sitting. Odin.

"My son. Thank you to bringing her to me. But I must please you, to leave the throne room. I want to talk to her in private." Odin's voice echoed through the room and he's voice was deep and muffled.
"Understood, father." Thor responded without reluctance and stood up. Before he left the room, he looked at you and put his hand on your shoulder. "I wait outside, lady [y/n]. And.. have no fear." He smiled at you and left the throne room. You looked helpless after him, didn't wanted, that he go away. Wanted, that he stayed by your side, so that you didn't must go alone through to the conversation with the All-father.
His words didn't show any effects and you felt the fear in you crawling up in your body...

Your stared at Odin and raised up your body. You didn't know, what you should say. How you talk with an .. Odin? Which words you could use?
"Y-Yes?" you said shaky. Odin went down the golden stairs and stopped 2 meters in front of you.

His eyes were widened and regarded you like a ghost in flesh would stand in front of him.
You couldn't interpret is facial expressions, didn't knew if it was 'good' or 'bad'.
"Amazing." he said. You raised an eyebrow and you thought, he meant your dress or something but it wasn't so.

"My child, you don't know, what you are?" he asked you seriously. You shook your head.
"I-I'm.. a human." you answered unsure.
Odin took a deep breath and took a step back. He had his hands behind his spinal and began to go back and forth. This made you more nervous as you already was.

"You don't see it, don't you?" he began, avoided an eye contact with you.
You glanced at the floor. What should you see?
He promptly stopped and looked in your direction. A quiet sigh escaped his lips.
"Your aura isn't to overlook, [y/n]. And I know only one person, who have the same aura. Though she arose from a legend. Nobody knew, that she really exists.. My child, do you believe in angels?"

Your mouth been slowly opened of amazement. What did he meant with aura? And angels? You didn't knew what you should say. Do you believed in angels? In your whole life you never hadn't grappled with such things. And if you been honest, you had took a step in a church very rare. But...
Since those dreams were  appeared, you didn't knew  what you should believe or not. That all was so unreal to you. Gods, angels and Asgard... That all wasn't real! Not for you!
That all was only just a imagination ,didn't you? Maybe you had an accident and you were in a coma. It doesn't exist a king, who was believing he is a god, it doesn't exist Thor, who was also believing he is a god and neither Odin and neither Asgard.

"I insist  an answer!" Odins loud voice snapped you out of  your world of thought and you jerked. Your eyes were filled with fear and you wanted to go home... or only waking up and live your life further.
"I-I.. no. I don't believe in angels." you qietly said, awed by the All-father.
His healthy eye was piercing through you, it seemed he was looking deep in your soul.

Now he was going one step torwards you, layed his hand on your shoulder. Your eyes followed his movement and held your breath.
"My child. Would you believe in angels if I tell you, that you are an angel?"

Your eyes were widend, were unable to speak only a word. What did this all mean?? You couldn't impossible be an angel... Wouldn't it mean, that you were dead?? Your face went pale and you gulped.
"W-What does.. this mean, my lord?" you asked him with a shaky voice.

"[y/n], you are special. Your aura let me not have a doubt, that you are an angel." Odin quickly stopped  and removed his hand from your shoulder. ".. For many years, the angels fought on the side of the gods. They were mighty soldiers and guarded the gods with all their powers. They went to war, guarded the realm.. but no one knew, that a betrayer was under the angels. It was told, that the betrayer decoyed all the angels in a trap.. and they were died."

"What.. happend with the betrayer?" you asked him nosy.
"The gods banished him in a world. A world, what was filled with pure darkness. Solitude was his punishment."
A world full of darkness? You must thought about your dreams.. No, that was impossible!
"What was the name of the betrayer, my lord??" you said quickly and your eyes pointed at Odin.
"The betrayer was a female angel. Her name was Synthia. But she wasn't only an angel. We could say, that she was the unicorn of the angels. She was in the situation, to control the light, to use the power of the light but she choosed the wrong way. The way into the darkness..."

"Synthia?!" you gazed at him with unbelieving eyes. You didn't wanted to believe his words.
"My child, tell me. What did you saw?"
"I'm not sure, that they were only dreams but... she was appeared to me. She said.. I should release someone. To use my light and this world of dream...  was dark. My lord.. I.. What am I??"

"[y/n], after the legend, Synthia was pregnant. She gave a birth to a girl but she died after the birth in Synthias arms. I think, the soul of her dead daughter is in you. My child, you're an angel. The last one of your species. Your powers are hidden in your heart. Therefor are you here. We will doing our best, that you're in safety. We will learn you to use your power..." Odin headed to the golden stairs but he stopped for a second.
"We must guard you for the darkness, [y/n]. You can use the power of the light but also the power of the darkness." Odin went upstairs and took a seat in his throne.

"You can go, my child. Tell Thor, he should appear in the throne room."
yay pt. 15 is UUUUP ;)

I'm sooo sorry for the long waiting -.- but I had some writer's block and I'm not really glad how that chapter is going ><

So. I told you before... That, what you ARE is only my fantasy product!!!! I hope, you like it, what you are huhuhuhu ^^' it seems, you're very powerful, huh??? And Odin is really kind to you LOL

OkiLoki... I hope you like that chapter ><

my freedom gallery:xxlittlestrawberry.deviantart.…
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